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Kambo with Tara

Experience the Transformational Benefits of Kambo Frog Secretion

What we call Kambo is the secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog, which lives in the upper regions of the Amazon Rainforest. Kambo has been used by indigenous tribes in the Amazon for hundreds of years as a way to cleanse the body, heal the mind, and strengthen the spirit.


As the frog has no natural predators, the secretion is *not* a toxin, poison, or venom. It is actually a cocktail of peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Studies have shown that Kambo is one of the strongest naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances. One of the peptides is even classified as an anticancer peptide, having shown to have activity against against cancer and tumor growth.


Kambo clears our energy field enables us to break subconscious negative patterns in order to live with groundedness and a more positive mind, allowing for more elevated actions and decisions. Immediate effects of Kambo can include elevated mood, clarity, focus, energy, and increased resistance to stress. In the longer term, Kambo strengthens the immune system, improving or resolving current health conditions, and making future health problems less likely to occur.


Kambo is not a psychedelic, and is completely legal.

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Physical Benefits

Kambo has been reported to have detoxifying effects on the body, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and inflammation, and boost energy levels. Kambo protocols can address many conditions including chronic fatigue, cancer, Lyme disease, chronic pain, infertility, infections (bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic), and auto-immune conditions.

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Mental & Emotional Benefits

Kambo can help release emotional blockages and traumas, enhance mental clarity, improve focus, reduce anxiety and depression, address addiction, and promote emotional well-being. 

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Spiritual Benefits

Kambo is believed to have a spiritual cleansing effect, helping to clear negative or stagnant energies, facilitate personal growth, and promote a deeper connection with oneself and the natural world.

At The Center for Functional-Psychedelic Medicine, we offer professionally facilitated Kambo Ceremonies in a safe and supportive environment. With extensive training and experience, IAKP (International Association of Kambo Practitioners) Certified Facilitator Tara Alavi creates a sacred space for you to explore the healing potential of Kambo.

Your Practitioner

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Tara is a fully qualified Advanced Practitioner trained by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP). She use several traditions in her work with Kambo, including Indigenous Methods, Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians,  Auricular Meridians, and Chakras, where appropriate.


Tara thoroughly screens each client for eligibility to receive kambo, and conducts an in-depth consultation process with all of her clients each time a treatment is conducted. This allows for the root of any current issues to be revealed, which then informs the specific protocol she puts together for each treatment. She also offers complimentary integration sessions post-Kambo, as she feels integration is a key part of the effectiveness of any transformational process.

Tara's ceremonies are held in a sacred space, sensitive to personal needs, and incorporate supportive shamanic practices such as Kambo medicine songs. She believes in Kambo as being part of a holistic healing process that includes both Western methods with alternative healing modalities.

Tara is currently based out of Los Angeles, but travels frequently to New Orleans where she practices out of Spyre Center, a health and wellness center where her sister, Dr. Maysa is based. She also travels frequently to Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin). 

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