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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a customized approach to healthcare that prioritizes the unique needs of each patient. With state-of-the-art lab testing and a functional approach to medicine, this approach identifies the root cause of chronic conditions and creates personalized plans for each patient. By taking this approach, I have been able to help many patients achieve relief from symptoms and achieve optimal health.



It can help you achieve...

plants and herbs used to treat medical conditions and mental illness

Knowledge is power. Learn about your health history in a new light with a functional intake. Learn now to modify your biology. Pair that with the knowledge imparted to you by ancient and modern psychedelic technologies. This tech helps us think and see the world in new ways by changing how our brain wires and fires


Transform the knowledge gained to positively shift your way of being and improve your life. We in the psychedelics world call this "integration". Utilize the medicines for the wisdom they impart and their ability to connect you to your own inner wisdom, or "inner healing intelligence." 


Tap into your inner healing intelligence and achieve vitality through a balanced mind-body-spirit connection. Experience more joy! Detoxification is a key component here. In our detox, retox world and lives there are safe and simple ways to keep our body's elimination mechanisms strong and optimized.

plants and herbs used to treat medical conditions and mental health conditions

Improve your internal communications (i.e. hormone signaling between your organs, glands and tissues)  while improving your external communications (expressions of feelings, wants and needs) with the world around you to manifest the life you want to live. Create a peaceful, loving signal from the brain and the brain's glands down to all the other organ systems by "getting right in our mind" as Dr. Maysa puts it.


Our bodies crave "homeostasis," or a balance.  Learn a balanced, grounded way of life that is sustainable and free from chronic dis-ease using simple means. Rest and relaxation is a natural way to come back to balance. That is essentially a space that ketamine can transport you to, even if you're "too anxious to meditate."

Mental Clarity

Address root causes of "brain fog" including diet, lifestyle, and inflammation, while tapping into the anti-depressant, anti-anxiety power of psychedelics demonstrated in clinical trials. Promote natural brain growth factors with Ketamine infusions. There's nothing like seeing "the truth" on a trip. 

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