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Kambo Group Ceremony with Tara Alavi

  • 3 hours
  • From 222 US dollars
  • KAMBO STE 206

Service Description

Kambo is the secretion of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog aka Giant Waxy Tree Frog, indigenous to the Amazon. As the frog has no known natural predators, the secretion is *not* a toxin, venom, or poison. It is not a hallucinogen either. This secretion is considered the "vaccine of the jungle", as it contains 16 identified bio-active peptides with anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-tumor and pain-relieving benefits, among others. When applied subdermally, Kambo is a powerful purgative. It is safe when administered by a trained professional. Tara is IAKP certified, which is the highest standard of Western certification. Kambo can be beneficial for depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency, chronic viral illnesses such as Lyme, acute infections, chronic pain, parasitic infections, infertility, chronic fatigue, thyroid disease, emotional trauma, PTSD, and auto-immune disease. You will receive informational and preparatory materials and pre-screening to determine eligibility in advance. Preparation for ceremony includes an 8-10 hour fast, and abstaining from certain medications or recreational drugs, which will be advised by Tara based on your medical history intake. All of the above information and more is detailed in a PDF Tara will send upon request. Each session includes: - A day of ceremony consultation to determine the root issues to be addressed and to focus in on an intention - The ceremony itself where the Kambo is applied - A post ceremony rest period and integration - Hot tea and soup, which are provided to break the client’s fast - A complimentary 30 min integration call to facilitate your process post-Kambo. This can be booked with Tara after completing your ceremony or series of ceremonies. Please contact for more information, availability, and sliding scale requests. A group is considered 2 or more people. Group sessions take a minimum of 3.5 hours, and the total duration will depend on number of group members and individual needs. Groups larger than three will have to be booked directly through Tara. The price is $222 for new and returning clients. A deposit of $25 per person is required to book the session for the group. The remaining balance per person is due the day of the ceremony. Each member of the group is required to fill out a health questionnaire and waiver that is included at the time of booking.

Contact Details

  • 1772 Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA, USA


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