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Welcome to my page!

My name is Maysa and here is a bit about me and how I practice. 

I am a board certified Family Medicine physician and clinical researcher experienced in psychedelic assisted therapies, inpatient medicine, outpatient medicine, concierge medicine, Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, emergency medicine, Reiki, and yoga. I've had the privilege of studying at some of the world's finest institutions and organizations including The University of Southern California, University of Texas, UCLA, the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Dr. Andrew Weil Foundation, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, and COMPASS Pathways.


My niche is combining psychedelic therapies (treatments that manifest and/or dissolve the mind/ego) with the most cutting edge science of Western Medicine and the soul of Eastern and Indigenous Medicines. I combine Functional Medicine, which is aimed at figuring out the "why" of illness and solving the root problem of dis-ease, with the power of "psychedelics," or "mind manifesting" medicines which loosely include, but are not limited to, breathwork, entheogens, indigenous and plant medicines, dissociatives, classical psychedelics and non-classical psychedelics.

Although on the surface this may sound complex, the approach is actually very simple: address the root cause of the problem with awareness and intention. Simple changes can yield meaningful results. The simplest approach starts with the basics, which, incidentally, are all to often ignored: breath, sunlight, sleep, water, food,  environment, movement, mental-spiritual-emotional wellness, interpersonal relations and communication, and everything else we consume consciously and unconsciously including our entertainment, perspectives, beliefs, and thoughts.

We'll use a client-centered approach that addresses your whole person, seeks the root causes of dis-ease, and offers a balanced approach to healing. I use state of the art intake software by Living Matrix that maps your life and health history in a visual way that helps us understand the antecedents, triggers and mediators of illness and shows us which holistic body systems (communication, elimination, biotransformation, energy for example) need strengthening. We track your metrics and symptoms on a Multiple System Questionnaire that allows us to objectively measure your progress. We then use the results of our discovery to guide our healing plan and use targeted cutting edge labs to evaluate anything from the gut microbiome and cellular nutrition to hormone patterns and genetic variants.


In my private practice I am able to spend the time needed with my clients to create a strong healing alliance. My hope for my clients, and all beings, is to achieve a state of wholeness, balance and vitality and to lessen their suffering.


I offer to be your partner in navigating all the health information out there and connecting with the information inside of you--That's right, YOU possess an innate healing intelligence that together we can harness and amplify. 

I look forward to working with you!

In Health, 

Dr. Maysa


Why Functional-Psychedelic Medicine?

It can help you achieve...


Knowledge is power. Learn about your health history in a new light with cutting-edge intake software. Pair that with the knowledge imparted to you by ancient psychedelic technologies.


Transform the knowledge gained to positively shift your way of being and improve your life. Utilize the medicines for the wisdom they impart and their ability to connect you to your own inner wisdom, or "inner healing intelligence."


Tap into your inner healing intelligence and achieve vitality through a balanced mind-body-spirit connection. Experience more joy!


Improve your internal communications (i.e. hormone signaling between your organs, glands and tissues)  while improving your external communications (expressions of feelings, wants and needs) with the world around you to manifest the life you want to live.

Mental Clarity

Address root causes of "brain fog" including diet, lifestyle, and inflammation, while tapping into the anti-depressant, anti-anxiety power of psychedelics demonstrated in clinical trials.


Our bodies crave "homeostasis," or a balance.  Learn a balanced, grounded way of life that is sustainable and free from chronic dis-ease using simple means.



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